Saving Family Savings

Grandmother and Granddaughter celebrating Brother and Sister saving with Scurry Vacation Allowance College Pizza Night

Saving Family Savings

Today's families do more than squirrel away money for a rainy day. Scurry is the flexible, social and secure way for families to save for goals big and small.

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Saving tools for the whole family tree.

Set common goals, track progress, transfer funds, split payments and budget in one place. Because the family that saves together saves a whole lot more.

Vacation – Scurry App
Dashboard – Scurry App
Allowance – Scurry App

Boost your family savings, together.

Round Up feature | Scurry App

Round Up

Scurry rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar, so your family can reach their savings goals faster.

Bonus feature | Scurry App

Bonus Bananza

Set goals. Stay the course. And earn higher interest every time your family reaches a new savings tier.

Surprise savings feature | Scurry App

Surprise Savings

With squirrely instinct, Scurry can locate money in your accounts that is ready to save.

Scurry is secure, social and
focused on saving.